A Picture Postcards Tribute To A Beautiful Actress And Dancer. Born 1883, Died 1973.

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In 2007 I decided to only concentrate on Rotary postcards as those have really been my main interest for many years.

Now with most cards costing a pound or more I find myself having to watch the purse strings and three heart attacks make it nearly impossible for me to attend the postcard fairs that I have attended over the many years of collecting Gabrielle postcards.

I can not work out the exact year that I started to collect Gabrielle postcards but it must be well over 30 years now. At that time postcards were only a few pence never really costing more than 50p each and the only real place to find them was at postcard fairs.
Now with the age of the internet it never ceases to amaze me how many people also collect not only Gabrielle postcards but other postcards of which the list is endless.

I am always really pleased to hear from other Gabrielle postcard collectors so please feel free to > contact me < if you would like to exchange emails regarding Gabrielle.

I sometimes buy Rotary cards to complete my sets in the collection from eBay. For anyone who has not viewed eBay it is like a worldwide postcard fair. But remember, it is nice to buy for our collections but it all has to be paid for! My advice is to set yourself a maximum price and stick to that price NO MATTER WHAT! It is always easy to think I will just put 10p more on but before you know it that 10p more could end up an extra pound or two or even more!

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Josie Walsh.
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